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Re: [BKARTS] Politics and Religion

The only appropriate place for religious, political, or philosophical
discussion is where a gathering of people have joined together to
discuss that particular topic. 

As a practicing occultist and scholar of religion and philosophy, I have
discovered that the only way to openly discuss these topics with an
ounce of integrity is to do so with a completely objective view. This is
impossible where the subject has become more than academic. 

In a similar vein, I have heard bookbinders on this list get fanatical
over a particular viewpoint concerning book arts and book construction.
There are many schools, designs and beliefs concerning our craft, and
heated debate -- with a modicum of intelligence and tolerance for other
viewpoints -- is often required for understanding. 

But that is entirely the point. We joined this list to talk about one
particular subject - book arts and bookbinding. Mr. Pepper's project is
fabulous as an example of calligraphy - where I am interested in it is
not the spiritual journey Mr. Pepper is on. It doesn't concern me. His
style, his technique, and his art is what keeps me following his work. I
am not at all interested in his political or spiritual beliefs.
Similarly, Islamic bookbindings and Medieval forms of the craft are very
interesting from a standpoint of the craft as well. I could care less
whether the Koran or the Bible were the subject matter. 

Lets keep the political, religious and philosophical debate in forums
designed for them.


Robert Angus
Octavia & Co. Press

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