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Re: [BKARTS] Politics and Religion

With respect to Mr. Angus, I could not disagree more. I would say that
discussions of book art from such an extreme technical bias would appeal
to an increasingly narrow and parochial audience, and that, extended to
its logical conclusion, would press the meaning of book art so far inward
it would eventually cease to exist.

I believe one of the difficulties of the so-called Book Arts right now is
there are several overlapping cultures engaged together; there are those
for whom book arts serve as a kind of hobby, or a decorative art, and
making books provides them with something to do with their time, with an
outlet; there are those for whom book arts ritualistically mediates a
sense of belonging to a people, of being in touch with exemplary models
and reactualizing exemplary acts, of making time disappear; and there are
those for whom the book serves as a medium of individual creative
expression and perhaps political engagement. Book Arts-L has always upheld
the right of each of these cultures to communicate, has always recognized
a value in the list's multivocality, and members of each culture have
generally been more or less tolerant of the interests of others. Why
should that end now?

Michael Joseph
Rutgers University Libraries
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
169 College Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006, Octavia & Co. Press wrote:

> The only appropriate place for religious, political, or philosophical
> discussion is where a gathering of people have joined together to
> discuss that particular topic.
> As a practicing occultist and scholar of religion and philosophy, I have
> discovered that the only way to openly discuss these topics with an
> ounce of integrity is to do so with a completely objective view. This is
> impossible where the subject has become more than academic.
> In a similar vein, I have heard bookbinders on this list get fanatical
> over a particular viewpoint concerning book arts and book construction.
> There are many schools, designs and beliefs concerning our craft, and
> heated debate -- with a modicum of intelligence and tolerance for other
> viewpoints -- is often required for understanding.
> But that is entirely the point. We joined this list to talk about one
> particular subject - book arts and bookbinding. Mr. Pepper's project is
> fabulous as an example of calligraphy - where I am interested in it is
> not the spiritual journey Mr. Pepper is on. It doesn't concern me. His
> style, his technique, and his art is what keeps me following his work. I
> am not at all interested in his political or spiritual beliefs.
> Similarly, Islamic bookbindings and Medieval forms of the craft are very
> interesting from a standpoint of the craft as well. I could care less
> whether the Koran or the Bible were the subject matter.
> Lets keep the political, religious and philosophical debate in forums
> designed for them.
> Thanks.
> Robert Angus
> Octavia & Co. Press
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