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Re: [BKARTS] binding newspapers

Hi Laurel,
I do weekly newspapers annually for the Vancouver Island Newsgroup (25 papers) so I have a lot of experience with the format (tabloid) you are talking about. I glue them to start with so they are easier to handle but then I drill them and side sew them and then flat back case them. I do broadsheet papers the same way for the Times Colonist.

Laurel Parker wrote:
Hello fellow binders
Any advice to bind newspapers? The ones in question are a year's worth of weeklies. Each week is a folded section of just a few pages so that makes already a good thickness for a sewn signature. The format is roughly the format of the NY post (maybe a little smaller).
The client wants a flat spine for a modern appearance.
My search for advice: newspaper being so acidic and fragile, I don't think it's a good idea to sew these into a standard square back binding, with the pva directly on the backs of the signatures. Seems like in just a few years the paper will probably crack on the glue line. My inclination is to sew them onto folded tabs, and then the tabs get sewn onto tapes, glued, lined etc. Or, a thin strip of japanese tissue gets folded around the fold of each signature (i.e. each issue), and that is what will receive the glue and spine linings.
Do any of you library binders out there with experience binding newpapers have some advice on the matter?
Many thanks
Laurel Parker

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