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[BKARTS] Looking for Mohawk Superfine Alternative

As has been recommended on this list I have been printing with an Epson C80 printer and absolutely love the quaility of prints that I get for my books. However, lately the Mohawk Superfine paper that I have been using has been curling a lot for some reason. I've heard that Mohawk changed this paper recently and this curling problem seems to be one fo the results of that change.

Can anybody recommend another uncoated commercial printing paper that they use in the Epson C80 (or C86 or whatever) that produces as nice results without the curl?

I really like the Mohawk because it is so much cheaper to use and gives me almost matching results to Epson matte inkjet papers. The Mohawk also works so much better in books than ink jet papers. That powdery, ceramic feeling of most ink jet papers is annoying.

Any ideas of different papers to avoid the curl?



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