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[BKARTS] Art Criticism


Since we're both fans of Adorno, here's a passage summing up one aspect 
of Adorno's thought, by Friedemann Grenz. I find it particularly 
appropriate to the critique of Pinter:

"On  three levels one can take false appearance seriously: one can take 
it seriously and consider it true, thus coming to rest on its 
falseness; one can take it seriously and recognize it as false, thus 
negating it; one can also, however - and  only now  does one in 
Adorno's sense really take it  seriously - recognize it as false and 
nonetheless as a regulative idea. Only  then has one made it 
true...because only in the false, the ideological, can the idea of 
correct life arise."

Paul T Werner, New York

"Museum, Inc.: Inside the Global Art World." University of 
Chicago/Prickly Paradigm Press 

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