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Re: [BKARTS] Tone deaf and art blind

Paul T Werner wrote:
I got a touch offended by these putdowns of Florence Foster Jenkins, so I posted a response on my web-site; some may find it a tad disturbing, like Florence herself.


For someone who is so critical of the craftsmanship and professionalism of others, you sure do have a bewilderingly crude website. The logo is just pathetic from a technical standpoint. It's pixelated. The text runs all across the page with no margins. It's almost unreadable.

I don't really see where you get off criticizing Pepper's work, which is beautifully formatted. You're "a touch offended" by the put-downs of Florence Foster Jenkins? I'm really offended -- indeed, outraged -- by your presuming to criticize the work of a perfectly competent naive artist like James Pepper when you demonstrate absolutely no practical skills in basic editorial format design.


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