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[BKARTS] CO Antiquarian Book Seminar

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Nearly 30 years ago, Jake Chernofsky (Editor of AB Bookman's Weekly) and others established a week-long seminar in Denver aimed at providing education for persons interested in entering (generally on a part-time basis, at least at first) the used/OP/academic/rare book trade . Under various administrative configurations, the Seminar, long well-known and highly respected in the rare book community, has continued to fulfill this function to this day; it is currently based in Colorado Springs:


Less well known is the circumstance that the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (its current name) -- though in theory a profit-making operation -- has consistently lost money in recent years, and that it survives because of the generosity of its owners, most of whom not only teach in the Seminar but also subsidize it.

Please take a look at the Seminar's web site and help publicize its existence wherever you can, especially to those who are unlikely to be current subscribers to the bibliographical bulletin boards or who are otherwise unlikely to be connected to the American old book scene. The Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar performs an essential service to bibliographical pedagogy, and it deserves our collective support.

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