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[BKARTS] Epson C-88

>Sorry if this sounds like a bit of a rant here.


I don't think that's a problem.

But I do use a C-88, and before that I went through2 or 3 C-86's, and a few C-84's. Love 'em! Plenty durable, water resistant images. The cmyk doesn't give the tonal range of my 2000P, nor of the newer Epsons with more cartridges, but the prints are still fantastic.

I have always printed on non-inkjet papers, though I do use matte coated and glossy papers occasionally. I do like the Epson Watercolor for pastedowns, particularly in bindings with a leather or cloth hinge, and also for lacquered images on cover panels. An example is

But I also print on JB Green's Tovil with great results--recently printed an entire book on it. Rives BFK has always been a favorite for printing cover images that will be lacquered. It also prints beautifully on my old Epson 1520.

I started printing inkjet on handmade paper in 1988 or 1989 with great results, and for the most part gave up letterpress after that. I still love letterpress for certain things, but after 30 years of handling lead it was time for a change (bought my first press in 1960).

It was great seeing the replies to this query--I found a distributor in Albany that handles both the Cougar and the Monadnock lines, and they are sending swatch books.

If they print well I will probably use them on my next edition. Has anyone on the list tested the Cougar for lignins, groundwood, pH, etc? The Weyerhaeuser website has all sorts of tech info on the paper, but unless I missed it, makes NO claims about pH, durability or anything like that. The Astrolite line, on the other hand, claims to be acid free, buffered to alkaline pH.


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