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Re: [BKARTS] art

Michael Joseph - until I read your post on what you think is (book) art -I have stayed out of this (these) rather ridiculous thread(s) (though the criticism stuff got good and hot, I have to admit). Anyway - I agree with Mr. Joseph. The incessant and BORING belaboring of the SAME HASH in book arts (alphabets, for instance) - makes me want cry - unless it's done in a new and interesting way (like Roger Andersson's take, for example. It's not book art - but is alphabet themed and it kicks ass. -
http://www.albany.edu/museum/wwwmuseum/first.happiness/randerson.html ).

I can remember teaching drawing classes in grad school, taking the undergrads to the rare books collection and being bored out of my skull. Mr. Joseph's absolutely tight - the students were YAWNING too.

I have to say that even though James Pepper's calligraphy isn't up to snuff for you professional calligraphers out there - and he seems a little off his rocker - his project is just crazy and obsessive enough to make it interesting for me. Yeah yeah yeah, the drawing is no good - but he's using markers! CRAZY!! He isn't seem totally obsessed with the preciousness and archival quality for this and that - which is also appealing to me. He's pouring all this energy into this year-long project - yet he doesn't care about dyes/hues vs. pigments. OUT THERE! Henry Darger anyone? If the librarian had dropped Mr. Pepper's tomb on the table, I think everyone in the room would fight to look through it (especially if we could get a little info on the Mr. Pepper, the man). On the other hand, Alice Simpson's book work is just the kind of dainty and delicate material I find so very very very boring.

Scott Teplin

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