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[BKARTS] Darger? Helper Monkeys?

And on what level are we equating the work of Pepper and Darger? Pepper as an outsider? My g*d the Pope wrote the man. He has wrangled a free working space (with utilities and view I might add!) at a very long term location. He is a shameless self promoter and manipulator of his "art" in every available media. This is not criticism but it places him anywhere but "outside".
Was my initial response correct and his work simply a vast and sly comment on all contemporary bkarts?
Hmmmm, no. Pepper has self-consciously placed himself in a long tradition of a certain kind of making. It is not unreasonable to judge his work within that tradition most especially when he himself chooses to draw comparisons between himself and other workers within that tradition. He measures his "art" (must say he has big brass ones) against The Book of Kells not the Vivian Girls (and Darger was a much more interesting draughtsman don't you think?). Within that tradition I think it fair to judge his work as being incompetent and us as dishonest if we call it anything better.
Now if we are to change the terms of conversation and remove him (against his will just kicking and screaming I'll bet) from that tradition and consider him only as the slightly sticky sweet somewhat perverse individual he seems to be then sure, what the hell, lets just be "nice" and say its ART (or a Whopper with fries for that matter) but then who cares about it anymore at all?
PS Where do I find my own computer helper monkey?
Best, James

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