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Re: [BKARTS] Looking for Mohawk Superfine Alternative

I use Mohawk Superfine in my Epson C86 on a regular basis. This is my standard paper stock for all of my books. I have to comment that the C80 line of printers are fabulous printers as Richard testified. I recently wore out the C80 that I used for over 4 years. Upgraded to the C86 for only $59 and remain thrilled with the image quality.

The curling problem on the Superfine is something I run into occasionally. Occurs mostly when I want to use a heavily inked image full bleed. I do this by printing an image on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper and trim the paper down to the edge of the image. Whenever I do this, I eventually get a curl on the edges of the paper.

My work-around is to print a solid color, also full bleed on the back of the sheet. My theory is that the paper warps just like a board does if the tensions aren't balanced on both sides of the sheet.

My Colfax book (http://www.laurarussell.net/Colfax.html) suffered this problem even though I printed on a 80# cover weight stock. So, I printed a dark blue on the back of the sheet. Make sure the ink you print on the back uses about the same amount of ink saturation as the image on the front.

Also, on my new C86, the second time I run the sheet through some kind of roller or pizza wheel marks show up on the image as vertical lines spaced about one inch apart. It seems most visible in dark areas of the images, hardly at all in light areas. Oddly, this never happened on my C80. I solved this by running the solid color side of the page through first, then turning the sheet over and printing the photograph. I don't care if these lines show up on the back side.

Mohawk Superfine is a wonderful sheet of paper and I plan to stick with it. I've tested the Cougar Opaque and wasn't as happy with the image quality. But, of course, these things are quite subjective!

Good luck,


Laura Russell
Portland, OR

On Jan 25, 2006, at 9:00 PM, BOOK_ARTS-L automatic digest system wrote:

Many book artists these days are using the Epson C80 line of printers and=
uncoated papers and I'd love to hear more input on this from anyone out=20
there. So, how about it gang? What have your experiences been on the C80=20
line? Are you using inkjet papers or uncoated papers? How are the results=
Are you encountering any negative feedback about your quality?

Personally, I have only one complaint, as mentioned in my previous email =
that is the curling problem on the Superfine paper.

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