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Re: [BKARTS] art

I've dropped off more list serves than I've joined (if that makes any sense) because of the digressions I've had to deal with.
The BookArts is a great source of information & resources, but remember _ ALL OF YOU, PLEASE REMEMBER - it is a bookarts list serve, not a political diatribe list serve. Kudos to Mr. Minsky for his discussion about "shit" - it was a well thought out & executed piece that should have closed out the bulk of this line.
Can we get back to books?
I can't possibly foresee this many diverse artists & craftspeople agreeing on what the definitions are Art & about what we do, so wouldn't it be better if we just conversed about what we do?
I have dropped off every single associated group, except this - because it has been so rich in resources & information.
I have been so close to dropping this the last couple of days, because it has digressed into such a stupid political, personal, interpritational dialogue that if this is the future of "BookArts" there is no need to be involved.
The recent Canadian elections were friendlier & less fraught with peril than the last week on this list.

Perhaps, as a casual participant and regular lurker, I have no right or strength to suggest or ask for this to end, but sincerely - as a regular on many serves before - I have seen this be the demise of many, because so many individuals get frustrated at the ranting & soapboxing of so few, that the best people involved often disappear because they aren't willing (or needing to) read 50 useless emails in an unneccesary stream.

If I am wrong, I apologize.
I look forward to more inciteful & less personal messages in the future.


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