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Re: [BKARTS] art

I must agree with Michael Joseph and disagree with Pat and Brian.
I love the polemic of an uncensored list and it would be impossible and
undesirable for the list manager to have to make decisions on postings.
Discussion on ART must surely fall within the BookARTS category.  Some
lists are far more "off topic" than this one; one bookseller list I see
occasionally could easily be mistaken for the George Bush list!
Contributions from philosophers as well as book artists welcome!
Do as I do with postings which don't interest you: press the delete

Jack M. Ginsberg
Email: jackg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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 I agree with Brian and am hopeful that others take up the charge and
get back to what this resource is about. Many thanks.

Pat Wilson
Koya Designs
3606 NE 104th Street
Vancouver, WA 98686
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From: Brian Maloney <b.maloney@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> I've dropped off more list serves than I've joined (if that makes any 
> sense) because of the digressions I've had to deal with.
> The BookArts is a great source of information & resources, but
> _ ALL OF YOU,  PLEASE REMEMBER - it is a bookarts list serve, not a 
> political diatribe list serve. Kudos to Mr. Minsky for his discussion 
> about "shit" - it was a well thought out & executed piece that should 
> have closed out the bulk of this line.
> Can we get back to books?
> I can't possibly foresee this many diverse artists & craftspeople 
> agreeing on what the definitions are Art & about what we do, so
> it be better if we just conversed about what we do?
> I have dropped off every single associated group, except this -
> it has been so rich in resources & information.
> I have been so close to dropping this the last couple of days, because

> it has digressed into such a stupid political, personal, 
> interpritational dialogue that if this is the future of "BookArts"
> is no need to be involved.
> The recent Canadian elections were friendlier & less fraught with
> than the last week on this list.
> Perhaps, as a casual participant and regular lurker, I have no right
> strength to suggest or ask for this to end, but sincerely - as a
> on many serves before - I have seen this be the demise of many,
> so many individuals get frustrated at the ranting & soapboxing of so 
> few, that the best people involved often disappear because they aren't

> willing (or needing to) read 50 useless emails in an unneccesary
> If I am wrong, I apologize.
> I look forward to more inciteful & less personal messages in the
> Cheers,
> Brian

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