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Re: [BKARTS] Publishing program

Lee Churchill wrote:
Is there a program out that the will allow me to set a page size, and then create "logical pages"? Or are there ways of using the programs I have that I haven't figured out??

To cover this fully you need three applications:

[1] A page layout program (Word actually can be used here, provided you have the other elements)

[2] An imposition program

[3] Adobe Reader or, much preferred, Acrobat Professional

Adobe InDesign CS2 comes bundled with a plugin called InBooklet SE that has an excellent set of basic imposition functions. For more complex projects you might need the full InBooklet plugin or the even more ambitious ALAP imposer <www.alap.com>. For fully professional work, the best bet is Adobe Acrobat Professional combined with PDF Snake <www.pdfsnake.com>.

There are also some less ambitious solutions that I've tried that will impose a word processor file for booklet or signature printing, but they tend to be quite cranky, so I'd recommend that you at least try any version of InDesign 2+ with the InBooklet plugin (which is available for a 30-day trial period for the versions of InDesign that don't bundle it).

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