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Re: [BKARTS] art

Michael Andrews wrote:

No matter what the skill, technique and craft the artist puts into a
web site it's primary purpose is still PR and commercial.

Not true. Many artists websites are totally non-commercial. The sites are their art.

There are folks who create work to only be seen on the web via a CRT, but those are the folks we are discussing here, which are artists who make books and then produce a web site to show their work. Is a gallery a book? Is a library a book? Is a beautiful Prospectus about a book, a book?

It doesn't matter whether they or books or not. They are expressions of the artist's character, talent and other factors, and are interesting for what they reveal about the artist that his/her/its works don't. They become art depending on what they are as objects of perception, not their purpose or labels.

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