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Re: [BKARTS] BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 25 Jan 2006 to 26 Jan 2006 (#2006-27)


I don't know if this too simplistic but why deny yourself the wisdom of others by unsubscribing? Why not delete only the offending conversations? But then you will find then  that you will have 2-3 messages asking about where to buy trimmers and which paste is best for which application.

Personally, because don't have access to the hallowed halls of the University of Toronto and I am blessed with a library of dubious content for the most part, I revel in and look forward to these opinions on this listserv. For me, it is so exciting to have intelligent discourse based on subjects that I hold dear, and I don't have to stick my neck out, enough people are doing that for me!!

Political, religious, and art criticism is not something I can bring up anywhere where I live - lest I be labelled the anti-Christ and a Communist!

So I say - delete what you don't want to read...if it starts out as a diatribe, just delete it, it isn't going to get to the subject of paste or turn-ins anytime in the body of the message.

I must say that criticism of people's work sounds offensive but it never fails to make me look up the person's work and decide what I think for myself. Most everyone on this list can defend themselves and isn't life all about defending your point of view. From dissertation to the end, lives that are interesting are those wherein opinions have sparked the greatest controversy.

Best wishes to you and no malice intended.

Linda Tanaka
Lethbridge Alberta

AND I AM BEGGING ALL OF YOU: ...TRIM THOSE MESSAGES when you respond. The digest ends up the size of War and Peace and is very very hard to read and care about what you are saying. Between all the % and = signs etc etc and the repeated messages, it is a horribly hard read.

>Date:    Thu, 26 Jan 2006 14:34:33 -0500
>From:    Brian Maloney <b.maloney@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: art

>_ ALL OF YOU,  PLEASE REMEMBER - it is a bookarts list serve, not a 
>political diatribe list serve. Kudos to Mr. Minsky for his discussion 
>about "shit" - it was a well thought out & executed piece that should 
>have closed out the bulk of this line.

>If I am wrong, I apologize.
>I look forward to more inciteful & less personal messages in the future.

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