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Re: [BKARTS] [bookbinding] New Member; New To Bookbinding

This is a great group.  But you should also check out the BOOK_ARTS group,  e-mail as above.  I took classes in
bookbinding, but almost everything I learned I did so from the very generous and experiencd members of this group.  When
it comes to such intricate things as hot stamping and edge gilding, their collective advice was life-saving.

oldtrekker22 wrote:
> I did a search, virtually on a whim, in Yahoo Groups, just to see if
> there were any Bookbinding groups.  Not really expecting to find
> any, I was amazed to find this group and astonished at the message
> count !   Reading just a few of the most recent messages, I hope
> everyone will excuse the entrance of such a complete rookie.  I've
> been interested in bookbinding, specifically hand bookbinding, since
> visitng Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago.  I do imagine
> however, that bookbinding in the 21st century, even hand binding, is
> considerably different than it was in the 18th century.
> I would appreciate any recommendations that anyone could offer, as
> far as, instructional books and info for getting started. I'm also
> wondering if bookbinding is a business for many of you ? .. hobby ?
> or somewhere's in between ?   I'm sure I'll find many answers to
> questions I have, as I read through the posted messages, so, I'll
> not continue to bore or exasperate anyone by asking any more at this
> point.
> Your assistance and patience is sincerely appreciated.
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