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[BKARTS] Adhesive for bookcloth on wooden box - End of thread

Thanks to everyone, Rodney Fry, Christopher Swingley, Nancy Bloch, Lee Churchill, Signa Houghteling, Jack C. Thompson Audrey Hollinger and Kevin Martin, for helping my friend decide what adhesive to use to recover an antique clock box.

This is what he decided:

"I'm using Jack Thompson's suggestions.
I made a new batch of paste today, and have applied the wash to the box, and it is drying now. I'll go at it again perhaps tomorrow or so, but you are right - the flow of advice is plentiful.

"Thanks for your help. At least it gives me confidence. As for preservative, I use a few drops of tea-tree oil in the pint of paste to keep it from spoiling at least.

"You can tell the crowd thank you for me.


I was interested in the references to "hard wheat" making a stronger paste. It contains more gluten which makes a stickier paste. Hard wheat grows in the colder climate of Canada and the Northern United States. Cake flour, which has had most of the gluten removed, males a rather weak white paste, but one that can be useful on thin repair papers. The gluten in paste may be what attracts insects, which is, I think why my friend adds a little tree-tea oil to his paste.

A little anecdote, and then I'll leave the subject of paste:

A student, who happened to be a devotee of healthful eating, had listened well to my instructions for making flour paste without lumps. When I met him in the market a few days later, he told me the paste had he had made didn't turn out so well. It was grainy, dark and, on the whole, unsatisfactory. I asked him what kind of flour he had used. He replied, "Whole wheat."

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