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[BKARTS] Peachey Bookbinding Tools

List Members,
With suppliers around the world cutting corners and cheapening manufacturing processes, we find the quality of goods available dropping significantly day by day. We are however fortunate enough to be in a field where the quality of ones work is appreciated, and where crafts men and women still appreciate superior quality goods and tools used in ones line of work. As we all know there is no substitute for a fine hand made tool, and in a continuing effort to provide the best possible materials available, it is with great pleasure that I introduce the handmade tools of Jeff Peachey that we are now carrying.

There are a large selection of paring knives available online here. These knives feature handmade blades and handles that hit comfortably into the palm of ones hand, for the finest control and handling available.

We are also carrying a small bronze triangle useful for all sorts of applications. According to Judith Ivry, /"Be square, and get the Peachey triangle. It's a beauty!"/

Also for a fun time and an interesting conversation piece or gift, there is the Miniature bookbinding tool set. This is a fun set of 15 quarter scale tools all made by hand.

I am sure you will find all of Jeff's tools a pleasure to work with, and all are guaranteed for the life of the manufacturer.

Aaron Salik

20 West 20 th Street
New York, NY 10011
212-219-0770 Phone
212-219-0735 Fax

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