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Re: [BKARTS] Wheat pastes

Kojiro Ikegame (yes, he is a 'he') is correct.

And it is easy (if messy) to extract starch from flour.

What is not said (here) is that bugs are attracted to gluten; therefore,
if you use wheat/rice flour, etc. as the basis for your paste bugs are more
likely to be attracted to the book/object than if you had used starch.

And 'weak' is a relative term.  Starch paste is far stronger than paper,
and flour paste is stronger yet.

Strive for balance.

There is more discussion about this in the archives.


>I came across an interesting discussion of wheat paste, starch paste and
>"aged" starch paste this weekend in a book by Kojiro Ikegami entitled
>"Japanese Bookbinding Instructions from a Master Craftsman". On pages
>22-24 he(?) discusses paste including giving recipes for wheat paste and
>how to extract wheat starch from flour. It's long involved process leaving
>you with a lot of very dilute starch and a mess of gluten which he then
>discards although he notes it is an edible product in Japan called fu.
>The most interesting statement to me though was
>"flour paste prepared from ordinary cooking flour and water, may be used
>for general binding tasks. For conservation-quality work and for most
>repair and restoration, paste paste made from wheat starch...is
>subtituted. Starch paste is BOTH WEAKER and purer than wheat paste,
>characteristics that are considered assets in the repair of old or
>valuable books. Aged paste ...is a very weak paste that is particularly
>suited to patching torn or insect-eaten pages."


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