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[BKARTS] protein in flour

I got this from CookWise, by Shirley O. Corriher, a cookbook about the chemistry of cooking.

Cake flour (Swans Down, Softasilk) 8 gms/cup
Instant flours (Shake & Blend, Wondra) 9-10 gms/cup
Bleached Southern, all-purpose (White Lily, Martha White, Gladiola, Red Band) 9 gms/cup
National brand, self-rising (Gold Medal, Pillsbury) 9 -10 gms/cup
National brand, bleached (Gold Medal, Pillsbury) 11 gms/cup
National brand, unbleached (Gold Medal, Pillsbury) 12+ gms/cup
Northern all-purpose (Robin Hood, Heckers) 11 - 12 gms/cup
Northern unbleached, all-purpose (King Arthur) 13 gms/cup
Bread flour 13 - 14 gms/cup
Durum wheat (semolina) 13+ gms/cup

It's useful in baking because you use the lower protein flours for cakes, pancakes, muffins, sauces, gravies, pie crusts, etc., and the higher ones for bread.


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