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The report that Bill Minter refers to, which was reprinted in the GBW Newsletter in 1971, was a study of adhesives used in conservation by Prof. Norbert S. Baer of the NYU Institute of Fine Arts.

35 years ago Elvace 1874 and Jade 403 were the "leaders" in his test. Elmer's was the worst. After 16 days in the aging oven, simulating 400 years, paper coated with Jade 403 folded more times than uncoated paper (under 1 KG in a Tinius-Olsen Folding Test) and had no color change. Elmers coated paper turned brown and broke after one fold after one day.

I spoke with him about this a couple of years ago, at a Grolier Club reception. His opinion was that all his data about PVA is obsolete. The companies that manufacture it have been bought and sold, and they have changed their formulas without changing product numbers.


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