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Re: [BKARTS] PVA: beware

Bruce wrote:

> I get the sense that Minsky was saying
> all the old data is obsolete.
> Have I misunderstood you Richard.

That is what Norbert Baer said to me.

If J.J. regards that as a call to avoid proprietary adhesives, that is not an unreasonable act.

I still use Jade 403, even though it no longer has formaldehyde in it. And I use Promacto A1023 for boxmaking. It has great tack.

Felice, please do twist an arm if it will get some useful data. Your chemical friend (not to be confused with an imaginary playmate or meth) might want to review Prof. Baer's research or contact him at NYU for the methodology. It also might be useful for listmembers to post what adhesives they use and for what purposes.


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