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[BKARTS] Thermoplasticity

Another characteristic of some PVAs understood to be important (or at
least useful) when I started binding in the 1970s is thermoplasticity,
i.e., they melt under low heat. This means that if you apply a
relatively uniform coating of adhesive but fail to get a good, uniform
bond -- are left, say, with a "bubble" on a case or the boards of a
dropspine box -- you can haul out a tacking or clothes iron and melt the
adhesive sufficiently to eliminate the defect (assuming that your
covering material is equally forgiving). Jade 403 and Elvace both had
this property at one time, but I do not know if current formulations
retain it as well.

The mantra (which may well have originated with Paul Banks) was "for
binding, internally plasticized and thermoplastic PVAs." 

Cordially --------- Sid Huttner, The University of Iowa Libraries

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