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Re: [BKARTS] Paper grain

RE: "RFS" <guildpictorial@xxxxxxxxx>

What would the easiest solution be to get nice 8.5x11 cover stock (80lb.
+) with the grain running the short length for a single fold?
(...without buying 23x35 and having it cut for example...) Do any of the
major companies supply cut sheets in less than heroic amounts?

We buy our paper from a local distributor, called Coast Paper. Most
major cities will have a similar place. They require a minimum purchase
of $300 in order to get their wholesale discount, but even at regular
retail prices, we get some pretty great paper. They cut it from the full
sheet at either the mill where the paper came from, or right in the
warehouse. They know what paper grain is, and will cut it to any size we
like, with the grain going in the right direction. We often have them
cut us a ream of legal cover stock for our paperbacks with grain short
direction. We purchase in quantity now, but being able to use their
services for smaller quantities saved us tons of time searching for an
appropriate supplier. Now we even get deals on off-cuts and leftovers
from other buyers who didn't take all of their original orders. 

I tell my kids all the time, "Never buy retail for anything - buy in
quantity to get the wholesale price, always wait for the 50% off of 50%
off sales at the department stores, and buy used when you can." 


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