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[BKARTS] Nonaqueous pH

Yes Bill and Bruce and Elmer's are of course correct that the pH system as we were taught in Chemistry assumes a solution in water but this does not mean that the acidity of non- or partially aqueous solutions cannot be measured. Saying that you can't measure the pH of a sticky tape adhesive doesn't mean you can't measure its acidity.
For quick reference a course description found at http:// www.appcluster05.com/images/376/Shortcourse/SC91.htm will give an overview.
Where it can be contentious I think is not the measurement of acidity in non- or partially aqueous solutions but rather the correlation of these measurements with the pH system.
My knowledge of chemistry doesn't go much past undergrad courses and like everything else the science of adhesives has become a dense speciality all its own. For anyone who wants a swimfloat I'd like to suggest the Science for Conservators series. If you've even faint memories of high school chem class then you can understand and use these slim books; volume three is all about adhesives and coatings.
Best, James

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