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[BKARTS] to sum it up: PVA's

	I shall attempt to sum up the many provocative comments the list has received concerning adhesives, in particular, PVA's.
	"Some PVA's are good.  Some PVA's are bad.  But we don't know which is which, since accurate methods of testing for the
effects of aging are still being debated. Furthermore, good today could be bad tomorrow, since manufacturers change
their formulations--- which are proprietary and therefore unknown--- without notice.  In addition, though generally
conservators consider acidic mediums bad,  some acidic PVA's are good. However, we don't at any moment known which these are."
	Kafkaesque, no?
	Let's all play it safe.  We use nothing but hide glues and safety pins.

J. J. Foncannon
Philadelphia, PA  19139

	The Belgian surrealist painter Renee Magritte entered a cheese store in Brussels to purchase a wheel of Swiss cheese. 
The owner pulled a wheel from the front window, but Magritte said he preferred the one on the back counter.
	?But they are identical,? the owner protested.
	?No,? Magritte insisted.  ?This one?s been stared at.?

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