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Re: [BKARTS] Regarding translucent paper choices and, while I'm at it, adhesives


7 pm

What is a saw kerf binding please?

Thank you

Georgia Chilton

On 2/8/2006 2:00:34 PM, book_arts-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Just to be sure, when binding loose sheets into a book, I use a saw kerf
> binding, if the margin allows. I have not
> had much success otherwise, even with double fan binding. (I think doing a
> successful double fan binding requires some
> experience, and I'm still working on my skills.) I also find freshly prepared hide glues preferable to any other for
> using on the spine. PVA and starch glues do not have the strength to do the job. Premixed hide glues and other
> commercial products have, for me, proved unsuccessful.
> Unhappiness is having pages fall out in an otherwise beautifully bound book. This will not happen with a saw kerf binding.
> Jet
> Michael Maranda wrote:
> >
> > Greetings, oh informative and useful list,
> >
> > The information flying about regarding PVAs and cows and bulls are all of
> > greaqt use ... thanks to all.

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