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Subject: Survey on feathers

Survey on feathers

From: Tatiana Falcon <tatianuska>
Date: Thursday, May 22, 2003
Comitato Internazionale Conservazione Patrimonio Plumario
(International committee for the conservation of feather patrimony)

Feather Condition Survey

This committee is carrying out a survey of feather mosaics, and
other cultural and natural objects that incorporate feathers, to
better understand their technology and care. The sensitivity of
feathers to light exposure and damage is well understood. The goal
of this survey is to compile information about past display and
travel, and current physical condition, of these objects in order to
formulate the best approach to their preservation.

Title of institution/collection:
Name and title of person completing form:
Email address:
Date completed:
Title/description of work:
Collection registration no.:

Does work include (check all that apply):

    other support

Dimensions with frame/backboard/support (cm):

Dimensions without frame/backboard/support (cm):

Approximate weight with frame/backboard/support:

Display. Is object currently on display?
    yes  no

Frequency of past display (please check one that applies):
      Constant display for past [  ] years.
      Displayed for more than one year out of past 5 years.
      Displayed for less than one year out of past 5 years.

Which types of lighting are directed on the object (please check all
that apply):

      sunlight, with [  ] or without [  ] shade
      daylight, with [  ] or without [  ] shade
      incandescent bulb [  ]
      fluorescent bulb  [  ]
      other [  ]


If object is illuminated, what is the reading of light levels taken
from the object surface:
         or lux:

What is the temperature and relative humidity range where the object
is displayed or stored:

    Temperature (C or F?):
    RH (percent):

How has the object been displayed (please check all that apply):

    hanging on wall [  ]
    on an angled support attached to wall [  ] or shelf  [  ]
    placed flat on horizontal surface [  ]
    in an acrylic/glass case [  ]
    behind an acrylic/glass cover [  ]

Condition. What kind of examination(s) have been carried out on
object (please check all that apply):

    periodic spot check [  ]
    written examination [  ]
    conservation report  [  ]
    technical study to identify materials and method of
        manufacture [  ]
    report following conservation treatment [  ]

Has the object been treated to kill, or prevent, insects? Please

Does the object display any of the following conditions (please
check all that apply):

    overall fading [  ]
    local fading [  ]
    large areas missing [  ]
    small areas missing [  ]
    material currently detached or detaching [  ]
    dirty [  ]
    large evidence of damage by insects [  ]
    small evidence of damage by insects [  ]

What conservation step is needed most urgently?:

Travel. Has this object ever traveled on loan (please check one that

    more than three years (total) out of the last ten years [  ]
    less than one year (total) out of the last ten years [  ]
    has never traveled [  ]

Who has been responsible for packing when object has traveled?

    professional hired packer [  ]
    collection staff [  ]
    individual owner [  ]

What kind of packing has been/will be provided when the object

    box made from cardboard inside wooden crate [  ]
    box made from cardboard [  ]
    wooden crate [  ]
    tissue paper or soft plastic wrapping [  ]
    other: [  ]

Tatiana Falcon
Laboratorio de Diagnostico de Obras de Arte
Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas, Universidad
Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

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