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Subject: Book and paper event

Book and paper event

From: Gudrun Aurand <aurandg>
Date: Monday, August 4, 2003
    **** Moderator's comments: Note that this posting documents an
    event that has already occurred.

Timeless Tech II workshop, 2003

Pre-Conference 'Book Skin Intensive'
Santa ID
Outline of events

    July 15-19, 2003
    Report by Gudrun Aurand, July 29, 2003

        Before the official beginning of TT II a 'Book Skin
        Intensive' took place with some of its participants staying
        on. Participants: Jim Croft, Nick Yeager, Billy Metcalf, Pam
        Spitzmueller Billy Metcalf is a professional traditional
        leather worker who knows how to make mostly traditional,
        brain tanned buckskin and also parchment, alum tawed,
        traditional vegetable (sumac leaves, quebracho bark) tanned
        leather out of deer, elk, moose and goat skins. Billy
        Metcalf as teacher/guide compared notes with the other
        participants experienced in the craft. They exchanged ideas
        about skin production as covering material for books. Nick
        Yeager made the Public Television movie about parchment
        making. Pam Spitzmueller has taken classes in alum tawed and
        parchment making.

    July 19-July 26
    TT II, 2003

        One aspect of the event involved discussing the future
        length, format, publication and postings regarding TT.
        Precondition for participation is commitment to a subject.

        Next year's TT Intensive is scheduled to last seven days
        with two presentations per day. The day before (Friday, July
        2, 2004) and the day after (Sunday, July 11, 2004) the
        scheduled event are to be considered as travel days.

    Timeless Tech III, 2004
    Saturday July 3 through Saturday 10, 2004

        Gary Frost committed to making the necessary arrangements to
        have a site for TT where people can go to check and post
        date and subject of their presentation. For now some
        information can be found at
        <URL:>. In the future a link
        to the TT site may be found here. The TT site will also be
        linked with Craig Jenson's who will act as webmaster.
        <URL:> Keep your eyes peeled
        for announcements.

        Detailed description of presentations will be posted at the
        web site once up and running.

    Participants TT 2003: Gudrun Aurand, Jim Croft, Gary Frost,
    Andrew Huot, Huot,, Nick Yeager, Hedi Kyle, Roberta Lavadour,
    Marilyn Moore, Pamela Spitzmueller, Barbara Tetenbaum, Shu-Ju
    Wang and several accompanying friends.

    We cooked our own hemlock bark tannin. Jack Thompson had sent
    his 'Barkometer' for testing of strength of the tannin in the
    hemlock bark solution. He dropped by several times taking a
    break from working on the pond for his future stamp mill.

    Gudrun Aurand talked about Pamphlet Binding versus Velo-Binding:
    a case history of inertia. Gary Frost; Wooden board Bookbinding
    for the 21st century. Hedi Kyle: Book models based on the
    concertina fold. Roberta Lavadour: Heat embossed neoprene
    stamps. Barbara Tetenbaum: How to present artist's prints. Hard
    cover bindings for thin text block books. Retrospective of
    experience of the past 25 years. Shu-Ju Wang: 4 color Gocco
    printing. Leroy Lee gave an interesting and insightful power
    point presentation: Historical forests, Benewah County, ID.

    Everything is an aspect of something

Gudrun Aurand
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-5610

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