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Subject: Conference on environment

Conference on environment

From: Susie Bioletti <bioletts<-at->
Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010
"Impact of the Indoor Environment on the Preservation of our Movable
COST Action D42
Final conference
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
8-9 November 2010



Conference Programme
COST D42 Network: Impact and Challenges
John Havermans: TNO, Netherlands

    The impact of climate change on the preservation of our movable

        Peter Brimblecombe
        University of East Anglia, UK

    Indoor air pollution in museums: what have we learned so far?

        A. Schieweck
        Fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut, Germany

        Co-author: T. Salthammer

    Pollution Standards in Conservation and Achieving them Using
    Microclimates Without Mechanical Ventilation

        David Thickett
        English Heritage, UK

        Co-authors: P. Brimblecombe, T. Grontoft

    OCEAN: The completion and review of an Object Centered
    Environmental Analysis Network

        B. Shah
        Victoria and Albert Museum, UK

        Co-authors: B. Pretzel, G. Martin

    EU project PROPAINT: Improved protection of paintings during
    exhibition, storage and transit. Final results and implications
    for conservation

        Terje Grontoft
        Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Norway

        Co-authors: E. Dahlin, S. Lopez-Aparicio, M. Odlyha, S.
        Jakiela, M. Scharff, A. Haack Christensen, T. Larsen, G.
        Andrade, A. Tabuenca Garcia, A. Ortega, P. Mottner, J.
        Leissner, M. Obarzanowski, J. Czop, R. Kozlowski, D. Wilk,
        P. Fraczek, M. P.Colombini, I. Bonaduce, M. Ryhl-Svendsen,
        D. Thickett, S. Hackney, J. Wadum

    The micro-environment inside archival boxes. Part 2: Air

        Morten Ryhl-Svendsen
        National Museum of Denmark

    Paper Deterioration: The role of air pollutants

        John Havermans
        TNO, Netherland

    The impact of anoxic and hypoxic environments on the
    preservation of cellulose based materials

        A-L Dupont
        Centre de recherche sur la conservation des collections,

        Co-authors: M. Gillet, S. Paris, C. Garnier, B. Lavedrine

    Reduced Degradation Rates in Hypoxic Air?

        Kjersti Marie Ellewsen
        Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Norway

        Co-author: M. Davy Ball

    Microclimates in Museums, Churches, and their impact on Heritage

        M. Odlyha
        Birkbeck College, UK

        Co-authors: S. Jakiela, J. M.Slater, C. Theodorakopoulos, L.
        Bozec, M. Horton, R. Larsen, C. J.Bergsten, E. Dahlin, T.
        Grontoft, D. Thickett, S. Hackney

    The indoor air chemistry in Danish churches- with special
    emphasis on ammonia

        K. L.Rasmussen
        University of South Denmark

        Co-author: L. Skytte

    Indoor Air Quality Assessment in the Baroque Hall of the
    National Library, Prague

        S. Lopez-Aparicio
        Norwegian Institute for Air Research

        Co-authors: J. Stankiewicz, T. Grontoft, J. Smolik

    Do gaseous pollutants and particulate matter endanger our World
    Heritage? A study in the museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp

        E. Janssen
        Museums and Heritage, Antwerp, Belgium

        V. Kontozova-Deutsch
        University of Antwerp, Belgium

        Co-Authors: H. Moris, A. Peckstadt, M. Van Bos, L. Watteeuw,
        R. Van Grieken

    Dust in the National Library in Prague

        J. Smolik
        ASCR, Czech Republic

        Co-authors: L. Ondrackova, L. Andelova, J. Ondracek, J.
        Stankiewicz, T. Grontoft, S. Lopez-Aparicio

    Size Matters: using SEM to characterize dust in the Old Library,

        Allyson Smith
        Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

        Co-authors: R. Goodhue, S. Bioletti

    Outdoor versus Indoor Environment: A Trans-disciplinary Approach

        Jan Gunneweg
        Archaeometry Hebrew University, Israel

    FTIR characterization of white particles from black inks:
    products of degradation in manuscripts.

        M. Carme Sistach
        Archive of the Crown of Aragon, Spain

        Co-author: N. Ferrer

    Environmental influences on the deterioration of paper: An
    analytical study

        Yeghis Keheyan
        University 'la Sapienza' Rome, Italy

    VOCs in paper-based cultural heritage collections -- source of
    information or risk?

        I. Kralj Cigic
        University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

        Co-authors: M. Strlic, G. De Bruin, J. Kolar, T. Steemers

    Dead Sea Scrolls studies within COST D42 Action

        Ira Rabin
        Israel Forensic Institute, Israel

    New analytical strategy for the characterization of naturally
    and artificially aged egg tempera paints

        Ester S. B.Ferreira
        Swiss Institute for Art research, Switzerland

        Co-authors: N. C.Scherrer, V. De Villemereuil, D. Gros, K.

    Application of Target Factor Analysis as a Chemometric Detector
    for Identification of Iron-Gall inks in Drawings using FORS in
    NIR region

        M. Ceppan
        Slovak University of technology, Slovakia

        Co-authors: L. Gal, L. Varyova, J. Hanus

    Accelerated weathering experiments to corroborate the formation
    of magnetite and coquimbite after the continuous attack of
    atmospheric SO2 on red hematite pigment: the case of wall
    paintings from Marcus Lucretius House, Pompeii

        K. Castro
        UPV/EHU, Spain

        Co-authors: M. Maguregui, U. Knuutinen, R. Wiesinger, M.
        Schreiner, J. M.Madariaga

    Catalytic Fading of Digital Photographs Printed by Inkjet

        Michal Vesely
        Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

        Co-author: P. Dzik

    Teaching preventive conservation: preparing conservators for the
    complex world of interdisciplinary decision making

        H. Roemich
        New York University, USA

        Co-author: S. Weintraub

    The pre-normative activity of the book: "Basic Environmental
    Mechanisms affecting Cultural Property: Understanding
    Deterioration Mechanisms for Preventive Conservation Purposes"

        D. Camuffo
        CNR-ISAC, Italy

        Co-author: V. Fassina

    Report by the Chair of Working Group 1.

        David Thickett
        English Heritage, UK

    Report by Chair of Working Group 2

        Matija Strlic
        Centre for Sustainable Heritage, University College London,

    Report by Chair of Working Group 3: Update of the activities of
    WG3: Harmonization of the measurement of environmental
    parameters -- proposals for standardization of indoor/outdoor
    air pollution monitoring by using diffusion sampling.

        Vasco Fassina
        Superintendency to Artistic and Cultural Property of Veneto,

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Susan Bioletti
Keeper of Preservation and Conservation
Trinity College Library
College St.
Dublin 2
+353 1 896 2203

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