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Schweppe Dye Books and Story Pest Management Books

The 3 Schweppe Dye Books and the Keith Story book and addendum are now available on our web site… yes – some of them are large, but they are downloadable…



Ann N’Gadi, MCI Information Officer

Smithsonian Institution



Approaches to Pest Management in Museums by Keith O. Story (1985)



Approaches to Pest Management in Museums Addendum by Keith O. Story (1998)



Practical hints on dyeing with natural dyes: Production of comparative dyeings for the identification on historic textile materials by Helmut Schweppe (1986) Green Book



Practical information for the Identification of Early Synthetic Dyes; Practical hints on Dyeing with Early Synthetic Dyes by Helmut Schweppe (1987) Yellow Book



Practical information for the Identification of Dyes on Historic Textile Materials by Helmut Schweppe (1988) Orange Book




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