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Re: Baumann unilargo II polyester fabric

Dear Ann,

I use Baumann fabrics almost exclusively for mounts and have found the range of colors and weaves to be very satisfactory. However I have had one experience of a sharp vinegar-y smell offgassing from the fabric when unrolled from the shipping tube.  Letters sent to the Baumann Switzland mill by Harry Persaud of Creation Baumann/Carnegie fabrics in NY revealed that an acetic acid-based finishing wash had been added to set the dyes.  

I have hesitated to respond to your query because I haven't been able to find the response from the mill forwarded to me or to recall if it was a Unisono or a Unilargo fabric.  Under any circumstance a soaking bath is recommended before using the fabric, which can be awkward with a large length.  I'll certainly pass on the details relating to this matter when I find them. 

Best regards,

Jane Hammond
Conservator in Private Practice

Adjunct Textile Conservator
The Intermuseum Conservation Association
Cleveland, Ohio
On Feb 29, 2008, at 12:17 PM, Frisina, Ann wrote:

I am wondering if anyone is currently using the baumann polyester fabric for mounts or underlay consolidation supports?  I am thinking of using this instead of a cotton fabric similar in weight and feel which is often out of stock.
Ann Frisina
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Minnesota Historical Society
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