The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 3, Number 1
Mar 1990

Editor's Page

A Thank-you to Supporters

In 1990, our donor categories will be streamlined to simplify operations. They will be based only on the amount donated over and above the subscription fee, and will be considered to be made to Abbey Publications, Inc., rather than to an individual newsletter. This will reflect the intentions of most of the donors, we believe.

The new categories are:


$25 and over


$100 and over


$500 and over Donations for 1990 now total $570. Donors are:


The Bookbinder's Warehouse, Inc.
The New York Community Trust - James Talcott Fund


M. Susan Barger
Julia Miller
D.H. Smith


Paper Catalogs For Sale Cheap

The office receives three annual or semiannual catalogs, and has to discard superseded issues to make room for the new ones. However, the old issues still have useful information in them. We would rather find good homes for them than throw them away. Please contact us and let us know if you would like one for the cost of wrapping and sending it.

The issues on hand right now are the following, one copy each:

Competitive Grade Finder, 1987/88, with the alkaline papers highlighted
Walden's Paper Catalog, Spring 1989
Lockwood-Post's Directory, 1989

These publications are described in detail on p. 14 in the April 1989 issue of this newsletter.

Prices For pH Pens

New subscribers are now getting the new model purple-and-gray pH pens manufactured for us by the Sanford Corporation. These pens can also be purchased in any quantity, at the following prices:





Over 75: Inquire







The Alkaline Paper Advocate is issued six times a year and has about 380 subscribers. Subscriptions (which include a free pH pen) are on a calendar year basis: All start with the first issue of the year, unless requested otherwise, and end on Dec. 31, or after the last issue of the year has appeared. An index for the year is sent out in the first quarter, and interim indexes are available on request. Individual subscriptions, and uncomplicated subscriptions from institutions, are $30; others are $40. Back issues for 1988 and 1989 are $25/year. Checks should be made out to Abbey Publications, 320 E. Center St., Provo, UT 84606 (801/3731598).

Overseas subscribers may pay either in dollars or in British pounds. Checks in dollars must bear the name of a U.S. bank on it somewhere.

No paid advertisements are accepted, but anything with news value will be printed if there is room for it. News items and information may be sent or called in at any time. Readers are encouraged to copy or circulate issues and parts of issues, and to reprint unsigned articles and news items; but the Editor's permission must be obtained for lengthy or signed articles.

Indexed in the Abstract Bulletin of the IPST.

Copyright 1990 Abbey Publications, Inc.


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Editor: Ellen McCrady

Publisher: Abbey Publications, Inc.

Circ: Janice Miller


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