The Alkaline Paper Advocate

Volume 05, Number 3
Jul 1992

Editor's Page

A Thank-You to Supporters

The editor and trustees of Abbey Publications, Inc., want to express appreciation for support received from the people and organizations listed below. So far this year $4,453 has been received.

All donations are considered as going to Abbey Publications (thus contributing to both the Abbey Newsletter and the Alkaline Paper Advocate). Donors are listed below as Benefactors ($1000+), Sponsors ($500+), Patrons ($100+), and Contributors ($25+).

Benefactors: Miami Paper Corporation, and Nancy P. Russell.

Sponsors: Acme Bookbinding Company, Inc.

Patrons: Pamela W. Darling, Terry Norris, The New York

Community Trust - James Talcott Fund, Elaine R. Schlefer,

University Microfilms, Inc., University Products, Inc., and

William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.

Contributors: Anchor Hand Bookbinding, Catherine Atwood, Ronald L. Becker, Wesley L. Boomgaarden, Constance L. Brooks, Sherry Byrne, Elizabeth S. Cziffra, Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, James C. Dast, Judith Fortson, Doris Hamburg, Margaret H. Johnson, George B. Kelly, Jr., Eric Mac Donald, Julia V. Miller, Kathleen M. Orlenko, Marie L. Payne, Eleanor Quandt, Cheryl A. Shackelton, Eric C. Shoaf, Willman Spawn, James G. Stephens, Ann G. Swartzell, Technical Library Service, Inc., Marcia A. Watt, Marilyn Kemp Weidner, James K. Wellvang, and William K. Wilson.

Permanent Papers List is Online

The list of permanent papers on the market has been updated and put on the Conservation Distribution List (Cons DistList) to make it available to the librarians, archivists and conservators who communicate with each other by electronic mail. Readers who would like to join this group should call Walter Henry on Bitnet (xb.k98@stanford) or Internet (, or by means of the Net of Last Resort, telephone (415/723-9381 at work, 510/447-4884 at home).

Interesting Papers, Item #1

The sample sheet enclosed with this issue was made partly of BCTMP-bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp high-yield pulp that behaves very much like chemical pulps when paper made from it is filled with calcium carbonate. Robert Johnson's 1991 paper on the aging characteristics of such paper is summarized on p. 10 in the May 1991 issue of APA.

This sheet is being sent out to inform readers and satisfy their curiosity. It is not for advertising or promotional purposes.

Sample sheets planned for future distribution include papers coated with hollow sphere pigment (plastic bubbles only 1 micron in diameter) and paper made of kenaf fiber.

Abbey Publications will Move to Austin

Austin, Texas, is a magnet for professionals in preservation and conservation of library materials, especially since the conservation programs from Columbia University chose Austin as their new location. It is time to involve others in this busy enterprise, and start planning for succession. This can best be done by going to where there is a concentration of potential partners and successors. No date has been set yet, but it will probably be this year. For a few months, the Provo office and the Austin office will probably be in operation concurrently. As soon as the new address and telephone number are known, they will be announced in the APA. In the meantime, production of newsletters will probably fall behind, but we will catch up.

At least there is an alkaline paper mill in Texas, the San Jacinto mill of Simpson, in Pasadena, Texas. There are no paper mills in Utah.

This Publication is on Acid-Free, Permanent Paper

This Newsletter is published on 40 or 50 lb. Cougar Opaque, a very opaque, bright paper from Weyerhaeuser that meets the ANSI standard. This is not announced in every issue, because past experience has taught me that half the time when you print a notice that the paper is of a certain sort, the printer is suddenly unable to get it in time (or at all), or a major mistake is made in the print shop and much of the paper that was special ordered for the job gets wasted. Then the announcement turns out to be a lie. It should be enough to say that it is the policy of this organization to print only on alkaline, permanent paper. Cougar Opaque, by the way, does not have to be special ordered, but other papers were used in the past that did.

The Alkaline Paper Advocate is issued six times a year and has about 500 subscribers. Subscriptions (which include a free pH pen) are on a calendar year basis: All start with the first issue of the year, unless otherwise requested, and end on Dec. 31, or after the last issue of the year has appeared. An index for the year is sent out in the first quarter. Individual subscriptions, and uncomplicated subscriptions from institutions, are $30; full-time students $20; others $40. All issues are in print and indexed. Checks should be made out to Abbey Publications, 320 E. Center St., Provo, UT 84606.

No paid advertisements are accepted, except for job ads, but anything with news value will be printed if there is room for it. News items and information may be sent or called in at any time. Readers are encouraged to copy or circulate issues and parts of issues, and to reprint unsigned articles and news items; but the Editor's permission must be obtained for reprinting lengthy or signed articles.

Indexed selectively in the Abstract Bulletin of the IPST, Paper and Board Abstracts (PIRA International) and Art & Archaeology Technical Abstracts.

01992 Abbey Publications, Inc.  
Editor: Ellen McCrady Phone: 801/373-1598
Circulation Manager: Linda Agler Fax: 801/375-4423
Tax ID #: 87-0436104 ISSN: 0897-2524

THIS SAMPLE SHEET CONTAINS 40% BCTMP (see "40" column below)

TELEPHONE (416) 821-5700 - TELEFAX (416) 821-5057







Std. Avg. "10" "20" "40"
Basis Weight lb (30002ft) 59.4 59.2 59.2 59.8 59.4
Basis Weight lb (17x22" bond) 23.5 23.4 23.4 23.6 23.5

Furnish % of Fibre:

BCTMP (1)     10 20 40
SWK 55 55 55 55 50
HWK 45 45 35 25 10
Filler % of Paper (2) 25 25 25 26 26
Caliper (thou inch) 3.9 3.9 4.1 4.2 4.3
Mullen 28 22.4 36 22.7 33
Tear MD 54 58 56 62 50
Tear CD 58 64 62 64 56
Opacity 94 93.6 94.3 93.4 93.8
Ash 25 24.9 26 26.4 25.8
Smoothness 100-120 120 110 110 120
Brightness (GE) 82 82.5 89.2 (3) 89.5 (3) 86.9 (3)

(1) Bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp 80/20 Aspen/Spruce, (80 CSF) 85 GE brightness

(2) 55/45 ground calcium carbonate/precipitated calcium carbonate - target

(3) In order to reveal brightness potential, CTMP production was not dyed back to mill specification


Several independent accelerated aging tests have shown that the relative loss in physical properties of alkaline BCTMP-containing papers is very similar to that for an alkaline free sheet. Tear and fold endurance properties were measured in papers with BCTMP levels from 10 to 67% of the fibre furnish.

For further details contact Alan Bird at Du Pont Canada, (416) 821-5851.

Graph: CTMP Containing Papers

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