SGML, HTML, & other markup Tools

Hypertext Guides to DTD

Some of these guides are fairly detailed; others provide only bare-syntax info

Tutorials, etc

See also the section on graphics below


  • Bandwidth Conservation Society
    Excellent tutorials on ways to reduce size/transmission time of images.
  • Creating Graphics for the Web
  • Not Just Decoration: quality graphics for the Web
  • Antialiasing, Transparency, and the Web
  • Icons and graphic elements--Contact sheets
  • How EXPO was created (a net classic)
  • Tutorials on Use of Images for Web
  • Info about character sets and related matters

  • Martin Ramsch's ISO 8859-1 Latin 1 Table
  • Walter Ian Kaye's The HTML Document Character Set
  • Character Entities for HTML
  • Numeric Character references for HTML
  • Authority lists

    The following are offered as-is, with no official blessing from SUL/AIR, and with no guarantee that they are the latest version.

  • USMARC Country codes
  • USMARC Language codes
  • ISO Codes for the representation of names of countries.Excerpted from Third edition; ISO 3166: 1988 Aug 15; 53 p.
  • ISO Codes for the representation of names of languages Excerpted from ISO 639:1988
  • US Postal Service Abbreviations for the names of States
  • US Postal Service Other abbreviations
  • Misc

  • More validation services
  • City.Net Browser Version Checkup