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Image 1 AIC News/Annual
Image 2 Two glasses
Image 3 Male and mirror - Arlen Higinbotham and Phil. Museum of Art
Image 4 Female profile and brush - Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

AIC About

Image 1 Male with mummy
Image 2 Male with slatted-back chair
Image 3 Trumpet blowing detail
Image 4 Freedom detail - Conservation Technical Associates, Linda Merk-Gould

Specialty Groups

Image 1 British Library - Free web site
Image 2 Female profile detail - Williamstown Art Conservation
Image 3 A-A Male with microscope
Image 4 Female with equipment


Image 1 Female hands
Image 2 Hands with swabs
Image 3 Female with floral teapot
Image 4 H&S committee


Image 1 Hands with book and paper
Image 2 Female profile with microscope
Image 3 JAIC detail
Image 4 Equipment and fabric


Image 1 QTF meeting - Elizabeth F. Jones
Image 2 Female
Image 3 Female close up
Image 4 Workshop


Image 1 Debbie Hess Norris and student
Image 2 Female group
Image 3 Beakers
Image 4 Workshop

Public Info

Image 1 Females at assessment
Image 2 Statue of Liberty - free web site
Image 3 Female close up with microscope
Image 4


Image 1 Male with slat back chair
Image 2 Fabric
Image 3 Female with floral teapot
Image 4 Silver teapot


Image 1 Brittle paper
Image 2 Workshop male with apron
Image 3 Females at workshop
Image 4 IIC Amer. group - AIC Archives

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