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Electronic Media Group
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The Electronic Media Group, AIC's newest specialty group, was officially formed in 1998 after two sessions of the Electronic Media Special Interest Group demonstrated a need for a formal forum dedicated to addressing the topic of new media and technologies in the conservation context. The group's membership totals 115 and is comprised of conservation and preservation professionals with diverse experience and training but who share a common interest in furthering the group's goals. Those goals are to promote the exchange of information about: (1) the preservation of historic records and artistic works which involve the use of electronic equipment, technologies and/or media as they are created, stored, used or experienced, and (2) the adoption of digital technologies to enhance conservation practice and preservation activities. The primary activity of EMG is the program of presentations at the AIC annual meeting. Typically there are one to two days of presentations, including talks given by EMG members as well as industry experts and others working in allied fields. Committees have formed within EMG, such as the Digital Discussion Group and the Emulation-Migration Committee. Special activities undertaken by EMG include a symposium in 2002 which brought together educators, students, conservators, and archivists to discuss the training requirements for electronic media preservation professionals. This symposium, as well as the Fall/Winter 2001 issue of The Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (Vol. 40, No. 3) devoted entirely to matters surrounding the preservation of electronic art, is representative of EMG's efforts to develop a knowledge base which supports this critically-needed specialization now emerging within the field of conservation. Fee to join: $20.

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