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Wooden Artifacts
The Wooden Artifacts Specialty Group Website

The Wooden Artifacts Specialty Group (WAG) has a long history within AIC. With more than 300 members, WAG provides a valuable professional network for wood conservators. WAG's primary activities are centered around the business meeting and specialty sessions at the AIC annual meeting.

AIC annual meeting sessions reflect the diverse background of WAG members. Papers presented focus on topics such as upholstery, ethnographic carvings, architecture, paintings on wood panels, insect fumigation, and environmental issues and, of course, furniture. Postprints of papers are available for a modest fee.

Special WAG activities include the 1988 "Gilded Wood Symposium," and the subsequent publication, Gilded Wood, Conservation and History, which is available through AIC. The conference "Painted Wood Symposium," was held in Williamsburg, Virginia in November 1994; papers presented at this symposium are currently being published. WAG members volunteer many hours to make these special activities a great success. Fees to join: $25; $10 (students).

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