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The mission of the Electronic Media Group is two fold: (1) to preserve electronic art, electronic-based cultural materials and tools of its creation; and (2) to provide a means for conservators and related professionals to develop and maintain knowledge of relevant new media and emerging technologies.

Areas of interest are reflected by the content of past meeting programs. Topics include: the preservation of audio, video, digital, web-based and "time-based" media and art; creation and maintenance of digital archives; digital imaging for preservation and access to collection materials; digital imaging in conservation documentation; preservation and conservation of digital prints; and the documentation and conservation of electronic playback equipment and computer software and hardware.

We hold workshops for conservators and host panel discussions on issues such as education of media preservation professionals.

Several grants from institutions such as the National Center for Preservation Training and Technology have made it possible for EMG to bring together professionals working in numerous other disciplines and arenas to discuss common concerns. We also have collaborated with other AIC specialty groups, such as the Photographic Materials Group, and external organizations, such as Independent Media Arts Preservation (IMAP) to share knowledge within and grow the community.

Session abstracts and articles are available online.