This site has not been updated since May 2004. In the rapidly developing world of digital printing, this is a very long time! In consequence, the information found on this website is out of date and may not be accurate, and should be treated with caution.

Visual Examination Checklist from the Digital Print Identification Website

Print out this checklist to help keep track of print characteristics during the examination process!


Object Information

- Date

- Application

- Artist's Information

- Printer's Information

- Manufacturer's Information


Examine visually:

Print Characteristics

- Condition

- Format

- Medium Class and Structure

- Medium Characteristics

- Surface

- Additional Laminations

- Image Quality

- Image Forming Pattern

- Resolution

- Image Colors

- Number of Colors

- Color Misalignment

- (Further Analysis)


Compare with:


Process Database



Generic Print Class

Specific Print Process