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Past Discussion: Arlington, 1998


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Digital Discussion Group,
AIC annual meeting, St. Louis, 1999

Saturday, June 12

Talks: 1:30 - 5:30

Demonstrations: 5:30 - 6:30

This program has been funded by a generous grant from NCPTT.

1:30 Introduction

1:35 Stephen Johnson (Digital Photographer) Digital Can Better Than Film: Calumet BetterLight Scanning Digital Back

2:15 Andrew Rodney (Digital Consultant) Inkjet printers: Epson printer and ink technology, RGB or CMYK to the printer, proper resolution for printer and driver, RIPs, printing with Photoshop 5 and ICC profile basics

2:55 Jeff Ball (President, Lyson Fluids) Formulations for Light-Stable Inkjet Inks

3:35 Vinny Barber (Alps Representative) MicroDry Solid Inks and the MD 5000 Printer

4:00 Discussion: Digital Technology for Conservation Documentation

4:30 Luke Hones (Director, ATA) Digital Video Formats: Comparison and Effects Compression

5:15 - 6:00 Demonstrations (demonstration are concurrent and will be repoeated in the Same room) 

  • Calumet BetterLight 8000 X 10000 pixel digital camera
  • Epson Stylus Photo 1200, 6-ink, 1440 dpi, inkjet printer
  • Alps MD 5000, 2400 dpi, MicroDry solid ink printer 
Past Meeting

Arlington, VA

June 6, 1998

  • Steve Hendrix, Applications Specialist at UMAX presented information on the company's scanners, specifically discussing the trade-offs between color bit depth and cost.
  • Dennis Steele, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Printers
  • Mike Kunda, Sr. Product Engineering Manager for Printers discussed the ALPS Corporation printer technology, focusing on theirpigment in resin MicroDry Inks which are light and water *resistant.*

The goal of the Digital Discussion Group is to foster an exchange between conservators and selected vendors of imaging hardware and software.

The format for the Digital Discussion Group meetings allows representatives from leading imaging technology companies to make brief presentations, introducing products and technology.  Following these presentations, there is discussion and commentary led by conservators with imaging interest and experience. 

By engaging the developers of imaging hardware and software, conservators will gain exposure to state of the art imaging technology and trends.  Further, the Digital Discussion Group meetings will afford conservators an opportunity to present their concerns and priorities to representatives of the imaging industry.

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