Electronic Media Group

AIC Annual Meeting 2000, Philadelphia

Sunday & Monday, June 11-12, 2000
9:00 - 6:00

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Abstracts from other past EMG & EMSIG Meetings

EMG Session 1 Sunday, June 11
Session Chair: Will Real or Walter Henry
9:00-9:30 Sharing the Experience: The Building of a Successful Online/Onsite Exhibit
Scott Sayre
Ed.D Director of Media & Technology, Interactive Media Group, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Joan Gorman
Senior Paintings Conservator, Uppermidwest Conservation Association, Minneapolis, MN
9:30-10:00 Imaging Zapgruder: Film Conservation Issues in the Digital Age
Joseph Barabe
Director of Scientific Imaging, McCrone Associates Inc., Westmont, IL
Alan Lewis
Audiovisual Preservation Expert, National Archives and Records Administration, College Park, MD
10:00-10:30 Tremendous Potential Meets Practical Problems: Saving Conservation Documentation Over Time
Howard Besser
UCLA School of Education & Information
11:00-11:45 Video Art: Origins, Practice, and Preservation
Mona Jimenez
Materia Media; Visual Artist and Media Arts Consultant, Brooklyn, NY;
Affiliated with Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC), San Francisco, CA
11:45-12:30 Audio Art: Origins, Practice, and Preservation
Steve Vitiello
Media Artist & Media Archivist, NYC
Formerly with Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), NYC

EMG Session 2 Sunday, June 11
Session Chair: Sarah Stauderman
1:30-2:00 Analog to Digital: The Current Debate on the Migration of Video to Digital
Jim Lindner
President Vidipax, NYC
Factors Associated with the Degradation and Failure of Magnetic Tape
Jennifer Hodgeman
Conservator, National Library of Australia, Canberra, Australia
Ian Gilmour
Manager, Research and Technical Services, ScreenSound Australia, Canberra, Australi
Digital Frontiers: Collecting in a Digital Age
Therese Mulligan
Curator of Photography, George Eastman House, Rochester, NY
Identification of Iris and other Digital Print Formats
Martin Jurgens
Queen's University, Kingston, ON
Recent Findings on the Fading of Digital Prints
Henry Wilhelm
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Grinnell, IW
Mark McCormick-Goodhart
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Grinnell, IW

EMG Business Meeting
Meeting Chair: Paul Messier
Election Results
By-laws Changes
EMG's Role in the Membership's Data Storage
New Business from the Floor

EMG Session 3 Monday, June 12
Session Chair: Paul Messier
Case Study: Image Services at the National Library of New Zealand
Mark Strange
Conservator of Photographs, National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, NZ
Paradigm Shift: The Relationship Between Bandwidth and Conservation of A/V Materials
Jim Lindner
President, Vidipax, NYC
Digital File Migration
Harrison Eiteljorg
Director, Archaeological Data Archive Project, Center for the Study of Architecture, Bryn Mawr College
Documentation Database Design and Implementation
Anna Stenstrom
Senior Conservator, Goldsmith Conservation Laboratory
Marc Reeves
Head Goldsmith Conservation Laboratory, New York Public Library
The Importance of Developing Administrative and Structural Metadata Standards for a Common File Storage Architecture
Merrilee Proffitt
Digital Library Development Specialist, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, CA
Digital Photography vs. Traditional Photography: Where Do We Stand in June 2000?
(Including digital camera and printer demonstrations by Mark and Henry)
Henry Wilhelm
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Grinnell, IW
Mark McCormick-Goodhart
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. Grinnell, IW

Session Chair: Tim Vitale
Panel Discussion: Digital Documentation in Conservation
Andrew Robb
Anne Stenstrom
Dan Kushel
Harrison Eiteljorg
Henry Wilhelm
Jim Lindner
Mark Reeves
Mark Strange
Matt Biederman
Merrilee Proffitt
Paul Messier
Scott Sayer
Steve Dye
and more Conservators to be recruited