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2003 Abstracts

Arenstein, Rachel Perkins, Colleen Brady, Norine Carroll, Jen French, Emily Kaplan, Angela Yvarra McGrew, Ashley McGrew, Scott Merritt, Leslie Williamson
NMAI LIVING: Moving a la Martha

Bischoff, Judy, Jason Bustamente, Rick Corbett, Chandra Reedy, and Marc Walton
From an Idea of Creativity to a Product of Reliability: Update of Research on Electrochemical Testing of Exhibit and Storage Materials

Buenger, Nancy
Connective Tissues: The National Science Foundation and Biohistorical Research

Carrlee, Scott and Ellen Carrlee
The Influence of Early Ethnographic Conservation in Alaska

Davidson, Amy R.
Preparation of a Fossil Dinosaur

Dignard, Carole, Bob Barclay and Carl Schlichting
A Closer Look at the Gentle Art of Applied Pressure

Holbrow, Katie
Conservators Anonymous: Post-its from the Edge

Johnson, Jessica, Susan Heald, Kelly McHugh, Elizabeth Brown, and Marian Kaminitz
The Practical Aspects of Consultation with Communities

Koob, Stephen J.
Tricks with Epoxy (and other Casting and Molding Materials)

Moss, Jim
It Shouldn't have any Bearing on the Treatment but it Does!

Myers, Teresa
A Preliminary Investigation of Compounds Extracted when Soaking Low-Fire Ceramics

Odegaard, Nancy, Leslie Boyer, Melissa Huber, Lara Kaplan, Teresa Moreno, Cheryl Podsiki, Alyce Sadongei, David Smith, and Werner Zimmt
New Ideas for the Testing, Documentation, and Storage of Objects Previously Treated with Pesticides

Peachey, Claire
If My Dentist were Blindfolded: Using Dental Molding Compounds to Record Data in Zero-Visibility Underwater Environments

Raphael, Toby, Kevin Brookes, and Van Wood
The Development of "Pilot" Standards for Museum Exhibit Cases

Ravenel, Nancie
Conservation before Conservation at the Shelburne Museum: The Doll Collection

Research Branch Conservation Staff, National Museum of the American Indian
NMAI Good Tip 1: Mass Production of Supports a la Martha, and 2: Application and Bulking of Cyclododecane a la Martha

Russell, Maureen
Inpainting or Loss Compensation

Sigel, Tony
Some Favorite Filling and Inpainting Techniques

Williams, Emily
Conservation Assessment of the Archaeological Collection at Colonial Williamsburg

Wolfe, Julie
Lightfastness Testing of Flashe® Vinyl Paints

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