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NMAI Good Tips
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National Museum of the American Indian
Mass Production of Supports a la Martha
Whether you have a small re-housing project or are moving an entire collection, there are time saving techniques to speed you on your way in the construction of pleasing supports for all types of objects. Economical beanbags, specialized trays with corresponding inserts, and storage platforms for those hard-to-house fletched arrows, can all look unique but be effortlessly mass-produced. Supports - they're a good thing.

Application and Bulking of Cyclododecane a la Martha
Do you look at your tins of Cyclododecane and wonder - how else can I use this marvelous product? Do you have trouble determining what tool to use for its application? Do you see gaping holes or flaky surfaces and wonder - how can I eliminate waste and fill those more efficiently? If so, then these tips are for you. Cyclododecane - (we think) it's a good thing.

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