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Inpainting or Loss Compensation
Maureen Russell
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
To inpaint on a 3-dimensional object, a conservator must think below the surface, to replicate not just the skin of a sculpture but to the material that constitutes the substrate below. The thread that runs through this topic is loss compensation and the ethical decisions we make as a team for each object or sculpture.

There is a different approach for each individual work of art, not only the appearance and aesthetics must be considered but also, the structural stability, physical integrity, and the original and contemporary cultural significance, Each medium represents a different challenge. There is no single method in this process. In this presentation, I would like to illustrate a range of treatments covering metal, wax, ceramics, wood, bronze, and composites. I will discuss the extensive collaboration and teamwork with curators, scientists, preparators, and colleagues in the field to derive the final solution for a successful treatment.

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