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The RATS Website

The Research & Technical Studies (RATS) specialty group, formed in 1992, has about 160 members. Membership has increased from 50 in 1994 as many AIC members are interested in this aspect of conservation. The purpose of RATS is to promote the advancement of scientific research in the field of conservation and to promote effective interaction of conservators and scientists in furthering the development of conservation practice.

Activities include: (1) programs to facilitate exchange of technical information, (2) funding of technical reviews and publication of informative monographs, (3) special topic sessions such as workshops and other sessions at AIC annual meetings, and (4) the encouragement and sponsorship of scientific or technical presessions in all other specialty group sessions at AIC annual meetings.

RATS is planning a half-day session for the 1997 AIC Annual Meeting. Fee to join: $15. STUDENT. $8.00