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ICOM News 2004 no.2

In this Issue:

The Definition of the Museum

From Specialist Reference to Social Recognition and Service
Reevaluating the ICOM Definition of the Museum
Collection = Museum?
The Nonprofit Status of the Museum
A Note on Museum Research
Museums of the World: Museums Post-Crisis
The Open Air Museum of Bujumbura, Burundi
The National Museum in Kabul
The Earthquake of 2001 in Peru
Acting for the Museum World
MEP: Museums Emergency Programme
ICOM General Conference
The Traditional Craft Techniques of Korea
Reflections on Intangible Heritage
Intangible Heritage: Do we Have the Right?
Decisions and Orientations
Executive Council Report
Committee Platform
ICOM-Chile: a Vision of the Future for Museums
Heritage in Danger
Colonial Religious Sculpture, Latin America

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