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ICOM International Committees

The International Committees bring together experts of museum specialties. A Chairperson represents each National Committee within ICOM’s Advisory Committee.
The 30 International Committees are global think tanks on museum, and more generally, heritage, matters. They define the museum professional’s standards, share scientific information, establish partnerships with other organisations and develop recommendations for ICOM members. Read more


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Key Concepts of Museology

Each museum is made up of professionals with a complex mix of skills and specialisms. Interaction between these professionals is growing worldwide and within the ICOM network. 



A common language that conveys the complex reality of current social and cultural values–ethical, aesthetic, scientific and technological–remains a constant concern for those in charge of transmitting a message to society, particularly in the field of museology.

In this context, the International Committee of ICOM for Museology (ICOFOM) developed the booklet “Key Concepts of Museology”, an avant-première of the complete Dictionary of Museology, a reference tool that will provide museum professionals worldwide with a common language.

The booklet, distributed during the 22nd ICOM General Conference, presents 21 fundamental concepts of museology. “Key Concepts of Museology” is available in several languages.

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