JAIC 1979, Volume 18, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 82 to 94)
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Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
JAIC 1979, Volume 18, Number 2, Article 2 (pp. 82 to 94)


W. T. Chase


I WISH TO THANK the members of the staff of the Freer Gallery of Art, a number of whom assisted in various phases phases of this project. In particular, Dr. John Winter took photomicrographs and samples in the examination phase of the work, and his suggestions were of great help in devising the repair method. Ilona V. Bene and Steven Weintraub (at the time an intern in our laboratory) assisted in the repair; Mr. Weintraub did the final finishing of the surface after repair, a very patient and time-consuming job. The excellent photographs of the mask before and after repair were taken by Ray Schwartz and Jim Hayden of the Freer Photographic Department. Thanks go also to the Conservation Analytical Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution, and its staff member Walter Hopwood, who performed the infrared spectrometric analysis.

I also thank the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, for bringing this interesting project to our attention and allowing me to publish the treatment.

Copyright 1979 American Institute of Historic and Artistic Works